My Story


About the Artist

Joan is a self-taught artist currently living in the East Bay area.

Joan’s artistic roots first started to blossom back in her home state of Ohio, where she nurtured her passion for art as a watercolorist.  Both Diane Boldman and Fred Lynch, to well known Ohio watercolorists, were her mentors there.  She was able to find personal enrichment as her artistic skills grew by teaching art to children and sharing the product of her talents with others on commission basis. 

She moved to Santa Barbara in 1994 as she added another passion to her life, raising her two daughters. She was still able to further enrich her passion for art as she “snuck away” whenever she could to learn from a trove of fellow artists in Ojai and throughout Santa Barbara. With access to such a wealth of artistic mentoring, she enriched her artistic repertoire by involving herself in acrylic, oil, mosaic, and encaustic medium.

With each of her children now pursuing their own passions, Joan has been able to dedicate herself again to her love of art, challenging herself always with new techniques and medium under supportive glances of her husband, John, and border collie/full -time art critic, Jane Austin.

She feels blessed to be able to spend time in the Bay area experiencing the rich cultural arts scene unique to this artistic Mecca.

You can visit her website at for a list of current shows and workshops offered for 2019-2020.

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away.” 

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